Early involvement is an essential part of a product design program at CNM that offers the flexibility to either completely die casting design or enhance the design of a component for better manufacturability. When our engineers are involved in the early stages of the design process, they are better prepared to serve your needs for complete project management.

With a strong belief in the multi disciplined design approach, CNM has developed a integrated Product Launch Management System for the early involvement by both the customer and KDC personnel. The cornerstone of our "Quality Through Design"philosophy, this system is designed to maximize the potential for a successful and timely product introduction.

Tooling Construction & Management


CNM tooling engineers prefer to develop aluminum die casting mold designs in parallel with part designs. This approach helps to identify and predict any potential design weaknesses that can adversely affect the die casting manufacturing process and product cost later in the manufacturing cycle.

CNM has also developed strict aluminium die casting mold construction specifications that are followed in detail by our certified tooling suppliers. All new molds are inspected to these specifications assuring that your investment is designed and constructed for maximum performance and value. CNM invests heavily in the management of your tooling and its maintenance and repair.

The CNM Tooling Management Program consists of five key elements: First/Last Shot Evaluation, Forecasted Tool Maintenance, periodic Stress Relief, Tool Life and Replacement Projections, and Tool Life Extension programs.

Inventory Management


For the high volume user, CNM has developed a popular "Quick Ship Program" that reduces production lead time requirements to a minimum. This program accommodates many reduced lead time initiatives by relying heavily on advanced capacity planning, product forecasts, and product history. For those who favor pull systems, CNM offers "Kan Ban" replenishment programs designed to automatically regulate inventory levels. As the industry shifts toward total bar coded inventory management, CNM stands ready with complete bar coding capability.


Not only aluminum die casting but also brass die casting, zinc die casting, magnesium die casting

Training & Education


The technical advancements and market demands of the die casting industry require continuous improvements in both performance and capability.

To meet these challenges, CNM places great emphasis on the need for training and educating to further professional growth. This makes every employee an integral part of our continuous improvement culture. CNM holds formal educational programs, "CNM U", designed to enhance the employee's basic training and competency development.

CNM doing Die Casting manufacturing for magnesium die casting and zinc die casting and more casting like brass die casting, all of this process are done by high pressure die casting process

At "CNM U", classroom instruction and on-the-job training are taught by faculty drawn from qualified in-house personnel as well as external industry specialists brought in for their specific expertise.



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